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Elected Committee Members for 2015

The following members were elected as Committee members for 2015.

Executive Members:

President                                   -                       Justin Peagram

Vice President / Secretary           -                       Robert Rapa

Treasurer                                    -                       Alisa Saliba

Football Operations Manager        -                       Ernie Quintas


General Committee Members:


Under 14/16 Co-Ordinator            -                       Phil DeBono

Under 8/10/12 Co-Ordinator         -                       Tony Giacomelli

Fundraising Co-Ordinator            -                       Sandra Farrugia

Sponsorship Manager                 -                       Sabrina Withers

Community Liaison                     -                       Rod Manton

Social Co-Ordinator                     -                       Elyce Clancy

Any member wishing to receive a copy of the clubs 2014 Annual Report should email the club via

Youth Girls Teams in 2015

In 2015 the Bears wish to field some Youth Girls Teams. These teams play on Saturdays and cover two age groups, Under 13's (ages 9-13) and Under 18's (ages 13-18). Already we have had some positive response from within our club for these teams however I would like to ask everyone to help us promote the formation of these teams for next season. 

We will be holding an Information night on Tuesday the 9th September at 7.00pm at the club rooms. During this meeting we will be discussing coaches, volunteer and players for these teams along with how our club can best utilize funds provided to the club to assist with these teams from the WestWaters Community Grant. If you know of anyone who may be interested please let them know. One common misconception is that girls playing in these teams cannot play in Sunday Junior footy which is not the case. In fact any girls wishing to play for our club on a Saturday do not have to leave their current Sunday club (strange but true).

Bears Burnside Heights FC Policies

To all parents, please take the time to read the following AFL Concussion Guidelines for PARENTS.